About AIBeacon

AIBeacon is the O2O service to utilize the Wi-Fi function of a smartphone.
If a user approaches to the AIBeacon device setting at various shopping malls or event sites, etc., the characteristic of the user is obtained, which enables to timely provide the effective approach with such as a push notification or a voucher, based on the user characteristic. This is truly the innovative O2O solution.

  • Interlocked by a digital signage
    Interlocked by a digital signage
  • Tourist information
    Tourist information
  • Timely transmission of information
    Timely transmission
    of information
  • Guide for pieces on display at a museum
    Guide for pieces on
    display at a museum

Various functions to enable
the beneficial analysis

The characteristics of smartphone users around facilities can be obtained only by setting the AIBeacon device in shops or various retail facilities.
It is capable to know “when and how many” people are contacting the place by using the attached analytical tool together.
Also, the analysis of “the number/rate of repetition” is available with the unique ID measurement. More effective approaches can be expected as the precise analysis of the user characteristics is available.

Capable of the analysis on the shop floor or selling spaces, that was difficult to be measure in the past!
The selling space can be improved to the space with a higher effect for promotion.

Due to dual-sensing with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, AIBeacon is capable to obtain the data of smartphone users from the wide range, and measure the areas where a camera or counting by people could not cover.
With feeling as if measured on a web screen, the analysis of shop floors or selling spaces will be available.

Measurement of real-time dynamicsMeasurement of real-time dynamics

The data collected by the AIBeacon device is being aggregated in real time and checked on the dedicated analysis site. You can be aware of the real movement on site quite clearly.

Measurement of heat map dynamicsMeasurement of heat map dynamics

The time that customers stayed and routes are to be analyzed with data mining and displayed as the heat map. The distribution of hot areas and the relevance of each area can be shown.

Detailed report compatible with the applicationDetailed report compatible with the application

Interlocked by the analysis of the application. By comparing trends of the application, you can utilize AIBeacon to measure the effect of events or push notifications.


Easy to interlock the application.

With AIBeacon SDK, the development of an application interlocking places is easier.
As measurement of parameters is available with Wi-Fi, appropriately-connecting to application downloading is available.
It is capable to provide contents or communication based on the real activities of application users.

Setting of proximity-based actions