Analysis of selling spaces in a shop

The analysis of selling space of a shop and floor maps is available!

Analysis of selling spaces in a shop

Capable of the analysis on the shop floor or selling spaces, that was difficult to be measure in the past!
The selling space can be improved to the space with a higher effect for promotion.
On the web site, with the measurement tag installed, traffic lines of users and the repetition rate can be easily analyzed.
Previously, the number of users was counted with cameras for aggregation and analysis of the shop data.
Due to dual-sensing with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, AIBeacon is capable to obtain the data of smartphone users from the wide range, and measure the areas where a camera or counting by people could not cover. With feeling as if measured on a web screen, the analysis of shop floors or selling spaces will be available.
As a result, measurement of effectiveness for layout of shelves, review of POP creation, popular products, popular contents, event, or special sale for a certain time will be available.
With implementing this measurement, the PDCA cycle can be utilized at the existing selling spaces.
  • 店舗フロア
  • 売り場
  • ユーザー

By actualizing the strategic shop layout based on the data captured with AIBeacon, the human operation is automated and sales increase can be expected.

The analysis tool to enable the advanced analysis is prepared.

The characteristics of smartphone users in the neighborhood can be obtained only by setting the AIBeacon device in facilities. It is capable to know “when and how many” people are contacting the place by using the attached analytical tool together. Also, the analysis of “the number/rate of repetition” is available with the unique ID measurement.

  • Measurement of real-time dynamics
  • The data collected by the AIBeacon device is being aggregated in real time and checked on the dedicated analysis site. You can be aware of the real movement on site quite clearly.

  • Measurement of heat map dynamics
  • The time that customers stayed and routes are to be analyzed with data mining and displayed as the heat map. The distribution of hot areas and the relevance of each area can be shown.

Available for the Android devices.
The behavior analysis is available without an application!
The O2O solution to analyze the behavior characteristics such as people stay, gathering place, traffic line, which cannot be found out only by the purchasing history: That is “AIBeacon”.

The visual analysis of behavior as shown below is available only by setting AIBeacon.

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