Capability of AIBeacon


width 55mm × Depth 55mm × Height 15mm
Range to complement (theoretical value) Beacon
Beacon:maximum 100m
Wi-Fi: maximum 200m

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Difference between AIBeacon and iBeacon
  • What is iBeacon?
  • iBeacon is the generic name of standard determined by Apple to communicate with a smartphone software using the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy: standard of Bluetooth wireless communication standardized to be available for power-saving operation) communication.
  • Disadvantage of iBeacon
  • • iBeacon cannot be useful for other than the Apple device.
    • iBeacon doesn’t work at all without the application.
However, AIBeacon solved problems of iBeacon.
  • What is AIBeacon?
  • AIBeacon is the generic name of the analysis system of big data, Beacon device (smart sensor), and the application capability, that can solve a problem maintaining the convenience of iBeacon, expand contacts with customers, and improve the continuous relationship with customers.
    AIBeacon was uniquely developed as a sensor/communication device integrated Wi-Fi and iBeacon/BLE, which is the one and only smart sensor device with the patent.
    Also, AdInte is the data management platform to enable the content delivery optimized by the customer segments and the big data analysis, and the generic name of the proven mining system for the advertisement delivery.
AIBeacon enabled to collect the big data, analyze the information, and deliver various contents with plots, which were difficult with iBeacon.
AIBeacon solved problems of iBeacon.
About high-functional push notification
  • Application user
  • For the device that the application was installed
  • iOS
  • • Notify contacts to AIBeacon by local push.
    • Sending local push is available even if the application is not activated.
    • Detection of contact for Wi-Fi is available.
  • Android
  • • Even if the application is not activated, sending a push notification from a remote server (GCM) is available based on the contact information to AIBeacon.B22
    • If the application is activated, a local push by BLE can be sent.
  • Non-application user
  • For the device that the application was not installed
  • iOS
  • Detection of the following cases is commonly available for both the iOS and Android device.
    • If the device contacts AIBeacon by electric wave, the contact information is sent to a server. As detection of contact to the user device that the application was not installed is available, the valuable marketing data can be collected such as follows;
  • How many smartphone users contacted with AIBeacon?
    How many users didn’t install the application in all users who contacted with AIBeacon?
  • Additionally, as linkage of the past contact information is available at the timing of installing the application, the effective targeting is capable.
  • Structure of AIBeacon system service
    Structure of AIBeacon system service

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